Parker Racor Bottom Mount Vacuum Gauge, -30 to 0 inHg

Part# RK19671
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Product Information
Application(s): 500-, 900-, & 1000-
  Model, Turbine
  Series Filters
Year(s): 2002 & Up
Manufacturer: Parker Racor
Contains: Stainless Steel T-Handle
  & Bottom Mount Gauge
Bottom Mount: Allows the gauge to
  be mounted so that
  the face looks outward
  for users who need to
  look from the front
  of the filter - as
  seen in the
  product photos
Replaces: RK111669, RK111969, 
To Install: 1. Unscrew
  Filter's T-Handle
  2. Screw in
  Gauge's T-Handle
  3. Screw Gauge
  into T-Handle
Improvements: - 2.5" Stainless Steel
  Case & Face
  - Ambient Barometric
  Pressure Relief Valve
  - Internal Locking Needle
  to Prevent Damage
  from Overpressure
  - Internal Sealing at the
  Fitting, Lens, &
  Pressure Relief Valve
  to reduce likelihood of
  internal contamination
  - T-Handle allows for
  easier installation
  (does not require
  a wrench).
Gauge Thread: 1/4-18 NPTF
Handle Thread: 9/16-18 UNF-2A
Gaskets/Seals: RK 11-1404
  (900- & 1000- Series)
Clear Bowl: RK 11-1938
  (900- & 1000- Series)
Cross reference #'S
UPC: 706672032935
Reference #(s): RK111669, RK111969,

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"Great! Better than I expected, at a fantastic price. Never had such good follow up!"


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