M&D Caterpillar 3406B Cylinder Head with Standard Valves, New
Part# N7W0006VS

M&D Caterpillar 3406B Cylinder Head with Standard Valves, New

Part# N7W0006VS
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Product Details

Product Details
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Product Specifications

Make(s): Caterpillar (CAT)
Engine(s): 3406B
Condition: New
Manufacturer: M&D
Includes: Standard Valves

Cross reference #'S

Cross reference #'S

Cross Reference

Cross Reference Number(s) Diesel Cast Welding: 7W0006B, 7W0006VS, 70006, DCWN7W0006VS, HCT2W5800, HCT7W0006B, HCT7W0006VS, N7W0006B, N7W0006VS
FP, Diesel: FP-7W0009, FP7W0009
SWDP: 1105096
OEM Number(s) Caterpillar, (CAT): 0R0911, 0R-0911, 0R0977, 0R-0977, 0R1158, 0R-1158, 0R1363, 0R1445, 0R-1445, 0R2173, 0R2671, 0R2880, 0R3033, 0R3034, 0R3671, 0R-3671, 0R3671, 0R3673, 0R-3673, 0R-3674, 0R3674, 0R3675, 0R-3676, 0R3676, 0R3716, 0R-3719, 0R3719, 0R3720, 0R4425, 0R4918, 0R-4918, 0R-4920, 0R4920, 0R9472, 0R9473, 1W1439, 2W5800, 2W5802, 2W5803, 4N-2270, 4N2270, 4W1900, 4W2436, 4W9560, 4W9562, 7C0041, 7C8130, 7C8141, 7C8153, 7E0970, 7E3706, 7E5859, 7E5860, 7E8758, 7E8760, 7E8762, 7W0006, 7W-0006, 7W-0007, 7W0007, 7W-0009, 7W0009, 7W0010, 7W-0010, 7W1063, 7W1645, 7W2200, 7W-2200, 7W-2202, 7W2202, 7W-2203, 7W2203, 7W2233, 7W-2233, 7W2234, 7W2447, 7W2472, 7W-2472, 7W-2473, 7W2473, 7W2474, 7W-2474, 7W5435, 8N7172, 8N7173, 9Y0055, 9Y3775, 93775, 10R8845, 10R8846, 20R-0828, 20R0828, 110-5095, 110-5096, 110-5097, 110-5099, 1105095, 1105096, 1105096RN, 1105097, 1105099, 1220086, 123-7335, 1237335, 125-7094, 1257094, 131-0411, 131-4339, 1310411, 1314339, 145-3216, 1453216, 156-9137, 156-9138, 1569137, 1569138, 1599455, 172-0836, 1720836, 199-3208, 1993208, 223-6519, 2236519, 3276910, 3504422, 394-0915, 3940915,




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