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M&D Distributors' Emissions Policy

MUST READ!!! Emissions Warning

Some products listed on our website are covered by this Disclaimer are designed and intended solely for legally-organized and sanctioned, closed-course, off-road competition use and are not for use on public streets, roads or highways.  As noted above, these Products are capable of disabling or by-passing the emissions system on some vehicles.  Emissions-control deleting, disabling or by-passing products are for the above-mentioned uses only—or where emissions equipment is not required by law.  Use on public streets, roads or highways in the United States is a violation of federal and certain state (including but not limited to California) environmental laws.

Some products may be capable of disabling all or part of the emissions system on some vehicle applications, at the discretion of the end user. Emissions removal is NOT legal anywhere in the USA, unless the vehicle is not registered with the Division of Motor Vehicles and is being used solely as a competition race vehicle.  By selecting any settings that can allow removal of emissions equipment, YOU as the end user, ACCEPT ALL RISK AND LIABILITY associated with its use, and by default, agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. This product may allow emissions removal and is intended and developed for off-highway, organized, sanctioned, closed-course Race/Competition use ONLY.  Any other use, on any road, public or private, within the USA, is strictly prohibited.

2. If your vehicle has been registered in the USA for highway use, we advise that you do not select or alter any settings or calibrations.

3. This product when used incorrectly may violate local, state and federal laws pertaining to emissions, traffic, registration and safety.

4. Use of this product may damage and or destroy mechanical/electrical components of this vehicle.

5. Use of this product may void and or nullify the vehicles factory warranty.

6. Vehicle operator understands that the use of this product may necessitate additional driving skills in order to safely operate the vehicle.

7. Vehicle operator accepts sole responsibility for the safe, proper and legal use of the vehicle at ALL times.

8. The purchaser, end user and vehicle operator releases M&D Distributors, from ANY and ALL claims, damages, causes of action, injuries, or expenses resulting from or relating to the use or installation of this product that is in violation of the terms and conditions listed in this policy, the product disclaimer, and or the product installation instructions.  M&D Distributors, including the owner and all employees, will NOT be liable for any indirect, direct, consequential, exemplary, punitive, statutory, or incidental damages or fines caused by the use or installation of this product.

ALL risk, liability and consequences that may result from its use.  WARNING, you are using this product at YOUR OWN RISK!