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Delphi Cummins ISG, ISX Electronic Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve
Part# HTV113

Delphi Cummins ISG, ISX Electronic Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve

Part# HTV113
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Product Details

Product Details
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Product Specifications

Make(s): Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Mack, Volvo, Western Star
Model(s): Day Cab, Sleeper and Dump Styles
Engine(s): Cummins: ISG, ISX, ISX15, X15
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Delphi
Also Known As: BW Inlet Metering Valve (IMV)



IMV Diagnostics & Replacement

IMV Purpose

The Inlet Metering Valve controls rail pressure by regulating the quantity of fuel that is sent from the transfer pump to the high pressure pump. 

This method of control has two main benefits:

  1. The high pressure pump only compresses the amount of fuel required by the system to maintain rail pressure.
  2. The temperature rise in the fuel tank, due to excess return fuel, is minimized.

The IMV is a normally open proportional solenoid valve.

One side of the coil has a permanent 12 Volt feed. The other side is connected to the ground by the ECU with varying frequency and pulse width. This controls the piston position against the return spring which in turn controls the fuel flow through the filter screen and out of the valve end face.


The following engine performance conditions could indicate a failed IMV.

Symptoms Observed on Vehicle

Fault Type

Possible Causes

Recovery mode


IMV filling control incorrect

Engine hesitation / instability


IMV sticking

Does not start

Does not fill

IMV piston seized after immobilisation

Engine stops

Pumping shut off

IMV broken

IMV blocked

Noise, smells, external fuel leaks

Sealing failure

Leak between the IMV and the pump body

The coil resistance is typically 5.3Ω at 20ºC when checked with a multimeter.



  1. Thoroughly clean the IMV and surrounding area.
    • Note: Do not remove the failed IMV until you are prepared to install the replacement.
  2. Disconnect the electrical connector.
    • Caution: Do not apply excessive force to the connector or it will break.
  3. Partially loosen the IMV fixing bolts then clean around the bolt heads.
  4. Finish removing the IMV fixing bolts.
  5. Gently rotate and pull on the IMV to remove it from the pump housing.
  6. If the IMV is difficult to remove it may be necessary to gently lever between the IMV and the pump housing to unstick the o-rings and loosen the IMV.
  7. Insure no contamination is introduced into the pump opening.
  8. Remove the new IMV from its protective packaging.
  9. Lubricate the o-rings with the lubricant supplied (or ISO4113 fluid).
  10. Insert the IMV into the pump by rotating slightly.
    • Caution: Do not apply force to the connector when fitting the IMV.
  11. While keeping the IMV in contact with the pump, tighten the fixing bolts by hand.
  12. Pre-tighten the bolts to 3 Nm.
  13. Loosen the bolts ½ turn. (This releases any clamping stresses).
  14. Then torque tighten them alternatively to a torque of 1.5 +/- 0.2 Nm, 3 +/- 0.3 Nm then finally to 5.5 +/- 0.6 Nm.
  15. Reconnect the electrical connector.

Important Note: After replacing the IMV, the IMV programming values must be reset using the correct routine.

Cross reference #'S

Cross reference #'S

Cross Reference

OEM Number(s): Cummins: 2872550
Cross Reference Number(s): BorgWarner: 10002950




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