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FP Diesel Standard Main Bearing Set
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FP Diesel
Standard Main Bearing Set
Part# 2436718

Product Specifications

Make(s): Caterpillar (CAT)
Engine(s): 14.6L 3406, 15.2L C15, 15.8L C16, 18.1L C18, 27.0L 3412
ESN Prefix(es): 1AR, 1LS, 1LW, 1MM, 2AM, 2EK, 8AR, 4BM, 6BR, 7BL, 9BR, BAK, BAX, BCS, BDT, 4CK, 4CR, 5DS, 7DB, 5EK, 4FD, 7FB, 8FS, 7HG, 3JK, 4JK, 5JK, 9KS, 4MG, 60M, 3NK, 4PM, 8PN, 9PL, 9PW, 1RK, 4RG, 1SS, 38S, 4TB, 6TB, 8TC, 2WB, 2WJ, 9WR, 9XF, 5YG, 3ZJ, 75Z, 81Z, BFM, BKP, BXT, CKH, JRE, WHL, W1A, CLX, RXB
Manufacturer: FP Diesel
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