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Best-in-Class Remanufacturing

We have been remanufacturing diesel engine fuel injectors and pumps, heads, blocks, rods, and shafts longer than anyone else in the aftermarket – almost a century. 86 years teaches everything you need to know about diesel engines, and M&D has used that to develop proprietary remanufacturing systems and tools. Some of which are so cutting-edge, OEMs have updated their remanufacturing to incorporate our processes. From product identification to teardown, from cleaning to calibration and testing, M&D delivers the best remanufactured diesel engine components. WE FUEL UPTIME.

WE remanufacture:

  • Fuel Injectors and Fuel Pumps
  • Engine Cylinder Heads, Blocks, Rods and Crankshafts
  • Turbochargers



We have everything you need for your common rail or direct injection fuel system - injectors, pumps and components from the best brands AND in-house remanufactured injectors and pumps.

Here’s why our in-house remanufactured injectors and pumps outlast the competition

  • We operate the largest Bosch-authorized clean room in North America, where we have produced more than 500,000 Bosch common rail injectors
  • Our in-house remanufactured injectors and pumps meet (and often exceed) OEM standards.
  • We replace every solenoid, valve set, spring, O-ring, control ball, ball sleeve, thrust piece, and shims with new genuine Bosch parts
  • We exclusively use 100% new Bosch nozzles featuring the latest DGV (double guided valve) design to ensure long lasting quality and reliability
  • All injectors are matched and balanced to flow within 1.5% at full load delivery
  • Fuel flow, injector performance, and shot-to-shot operation are measured and calibrated on a Bosch EPS-815 computer-controlled test stand (recalibrated by Bosch annually)
  • We have developed a proprietary formulation for the internal adjustments and specifications that allows us to optimize performance throughout the fuel map (not just full load)
  • Our proprietary remanufacturing systems and tools were built in partnership with OEMS. In fact, some OEMs have adjusted their standards based on ours!
  • All remanufactured injectors and pumps are custom built from scratch by dedicated Bosch-trained technicians

M&D has some of the best partnerships in the aftermarket. We are proud to sell Bosch, Cummins, Delphi, Yanmar, Mitsubishi, Zexel, Stanadyne, Denso & CAV fuel injectors, pumps, and components.



M&D joined forces with Diesel Cast Welding (DCW) and Specialty Diesel Power (SPD), and together we have been helping customers maximize their diesel engine uptime since 1936. We stock new cylinder heads and remanufacture heads, blocks, rods and crankshafts for class 6-8 on and off-highway and industrial applications.

We sell more cylinder heads than anyone else in the U.S., here’s why:

  • Our partnerships with the best manufacturers in the industry provide access to the highest quality castings and component parts - several newer model heads are ONLY available from M&D
  • With 86 years of remanufacturing, we’re the best in the business at failure analysis – we know how to identify failure points and address them
  • From teardown to welding, machining to testing and inspection, each remanufactured cylinder head, block and crankshaft follows a detailed multi-step process to ensure everything we ship is at or above OEM specs
  • Our team includes specialized welders and techs that test, calibrate and retest every remanufactured unit before it ships out
  • Master ASE & Hino, Ford, Mitsubishi and Mercedes Certified

We offer the industry’s best warranty: 12 month unlimited miles, 100% replacement parts & up to $5K on subsequent damage (in-house administration averages only 72hrs)



Turbochargers are complicated, M&D understands them.

Turbos are precise and sensitive components that spin at 2,000 rpm. A turbo failure is often the symptom of an upstream component problem. Our experience has made us experts in failure analysis. M&D does more than just sell turbos, we help our customers diagnose the root cause, so they only replace the turbo once.

Over time, M&D has developed some of the most sophisticated technical and cross-reference resources available to ensure our customers receive the right turbo for their application.

M&D stocks the turbo you need – we have new and remanufactured Holset, Garrett, BorgWarner, IHI and Mitsubishi turbochargers. We also offer the highest-quality in-house remanufactured turbochargers in the aftermarket.

Our in-house remanufactured turbos are the best in the industry:

  • We replace ALL wear items, including: all bearings, thrust collar, piston rings, all o-rings and rubber components, gaskets, and all fasteners
  • Each turbo is rebuilt in accordance with the OE spec and the core assembly (CHRA) is balanced using one of our Heins TC-3 High-Speed Balancing machines.
  • All variable geometry turbos are flow calibrated to match OEM’s specifications using flow test equipment
  • Critical partnerships with manufacturers  provide access to top-tier components and enable our relentless pursuit of remanufacturing excellence

We follow a documented and approved 59-step process to break-down, inspect, repair, and remanufacture EVERY turbo in our Houston facility, including serialized identification tags for quality assurance