Alliant Power Lubriguard Diesel Fuel & Treatment Additive

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Product Information
Amount: 16 oz (473 mL)
Treats: Treats 125 Gallons
Manufacturer: Alliant  Power
Case Pack: 12 per case
Benefits: - Lubricates fuel system
  reducing friction   
  and wear
  - Restores engine 
  power  and torque
  - Increases octane for 
  improving  engine 
  combustion, and
  smoother running 
  - Concentrated 
  lubricant to reduce 
  friction/wear from dry 
  fuels such as: Jet A,  
  Kerosene, or #1 Diesel,
  - Helps maintain fuel 
  systems  cleanliness
  - Helps remove water  
  by Demulsification
  - Stabilizes fuel and
  protects against gums,
  varnishes, and rust/
  - Economical per gallon 
  treat rate

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