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M&D - About Us


In 1943, demands for magneto and diesel injector repair services during World War II motivated the Ingram family to start Magneto & Diesel Injector Service (M&D). M&D quickly became the premier source for diesel engine components and service in the Gulf Coast region. As fuel system technology became more sophisticated, M&D paved the way for remanufacturing today’s highly complex common rail fuel injectors and pumps.

In the last 2 years we’ve joined forces with Diesel Cast Welding (DCW) and Specialty Diesel Power (SDP). Like M&D, DCW and SDP were family-owned and operated and well-known for their commitment to customer service, industry-leading expertise and consistent, high-quality remanufacturing of cylinder heads, blocks, crankshafts and connecting rods for diesel engines




It’s no coincidence that we’ve been in business for almost a century. For the past 80 years, M&D has led the aftermarket in remanufacturing innovation to address technological advancements and changing customer needs. In the past few decades, we’ve expanded beyond our remanufacturing roots to develop close (and sometimes exclusive) partnerships with the world’s leading OEMs and manufacturers.

Those partnerships with key suppliers like Bosch, Garrett, Federal Mogul, Cummins, Stanadyne, Holset, BorgWarner, Delphi, Yanmar, Mitsubishi, Denso and others have been critical in honing our remanufacturing capabilities and expanding our parts offering to include new, no core options in fuel injectors and fuel pumps, diesel engine cylinder heads, blocks, crankshafts and connecting rods. M&D also stocks a complete assortment of turbos (new and remanufactured), inframe overhaul kits, filtration and aftertreatment parts including DPFs, DOCs, EGRs, sensors and other engine parts.

Our strong remanufacturing roots combined with our close OEM & Manufacturer partnerships make us unique in the industry – no one understands diesel engine failure analysis and parts better than M&D. WE FUEL UPTIME.



We have been remanufacturing diesel engine fuel injectors and pumps, heads, blocks, rods, and shafts longer than anyone else in the aftermarket – almost a century. 86 years teaches everything you need to know about diesel engines, and M&D has used that to develop proprietary remanufacturing systems and tools. Some of which are so cutting-edge, OEMs have updated their remanufacturing to incorporate our processes. From product identification to teardown, from cleaning to calibration and testing, M&D delivers the best remanufactured diesel engine components. WE FUEL UPTIME.



Our 86 years of best-in-class remanufacturing capabilities make M&D the experts in diesel engine repair. We use that expertise in everything we do from failure analysis to troubleshooting and testing. We know downtime is expensive, so we don’t just sell parts, we do what it takes to make sure our customers get the right parts to do the job the first time.

Our expertise extends beyond light and medium duty. M&D specializes IN:

  • Heavy-duty on-highway vehicles
  • Off-highway including construction, agricultural, energy, refuse, logging, mining, marine and aggregate
  • Power generation/ large engines including 3500 series CAT, Cummins QSK and MTU4000

Whether you’re managing a drive-in service center, a single truck, a fleet or an industrial facility, M&D knows how to keep your engines running. WE FUEL UPTIME.



There is one reason M&D is thriving after 86 years in business - Our Customers. Our unwavering commitment to our customers makes them some of the most loyal in the aftermarket. We take the responsibility of keeping customers’ engines running seriously. We proudly conduct the research, testing, troubleshooting, remanufacturing, and sourcing to get customers the right part the first time. Doing what we say we’ll do isn’t a slogan at M&D, it’s how we go to work every day. WE FUEL UPTIME.